Tour In Nepal

Travelling in Nepal is also a unique occasion to discover a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Kathmandu the capital, founded in the tenth century by the king Rama Deva, is a medieval city between tradition and modernity. The valley still exhibits a living, breathing entity, a vital culture that miraculously survived till now. Situated at an altitude of 1336m above sea level, encircled by a range of green terrace hills with Himalaya Range forming lovely backdrop, the valley consists of 3 fabulous cities of great historic and cultural interest: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Seven sites are inscribed on UNESCOs world heritage list within a radius of 30 km. Beyond the urban milieu of these 3 ancient cities there are also many villages and small towns that provide charming glimpses of rural life.

We propose different kind of circuits around Kathmandu, sometimes we will combine cultural visit of this fabulous heritage with a small easy trekking through terrace hills and green rice paddies or with a jungle safari in Chitwan.